Chiropractic is Excellent for Stress Relief

Stress knows no season. Although the holidays are well known for being a stressful time of year, modern society delivers plenty of hassle and frustration each and every month. With both work and family issues coming at you every day, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, prolonged stress has a profoundly negative impact on the body. When you’re under stress, your sympathetic nervous system kicks in the “fight or flight” response. This results in increased muscle tension and adrenaline levels, higher blood pressure, and slower digestion. Your body is in “overdrive.” While this response may have been appropriate for our ancestors, who often faced frequent physical threats, it’s unhealthy to be in this state too often.

So what’s the answer? Prescription drugs? Moving to your own private island? Happily, chiropractic treatment offers more practical and natural relief, without the need for prescription medications or millions of dollars.


Less Pain Equals Less Stress

Pain and stress form a vicious cycle. When you’re in pain, it causes you stress, and when you’re under stress, it aggravates your pain. Treatment by an expert chiropractor can put a stop to this cycle. Chiropractic is excellent at relieving pain from almost any source in a safe, natural manner by using gentle adjustments, physiotherapy, and other complementary treatments. Whether you have chronic headaches, a sore shoulder, or lower back pain, chiropractic can help.


Increased Blood Flow

Chiropractic adjustments, along with other techniques such as myofascial release, can increase blood flow to various body areas. This is important for two main reasons. First, blood carries oxygen and nutrients which are necessary for energy and free joint movement. Secondly, good blood flow rids the body of stress hormones, resulting in more calm and less pain.


Decreased Muscle Tension

Of course, treatment from a trained chiropractor is excellent at reducing muscle tension. This can either be direct, through treatments like myofascial soft tissue release, or indirect, such as using adjustments to release a trapped or impinged nerve. A nerve that is pinched, trapped, or otherwise irritated can cause muscles to tighten.

Instead of using prescription muscle relaxers, which often come with side effects, chiropractic medicine uses natural methods to soothe and release trapped nerves. This results in relaxed muscles and reduced pain levels.


Expert Advice

Expert chiropractic advice is a great resource for stress reduction that you may have been neglecting. Chiropractors are trained in neuromuscular issues, nutrition, exercise therapy, and physiotherapy. In fact, chiropractic takes a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Therefore, your chiropractor can be an invaluable source of information to help you reduce your stress levels and stay healthy. They can offer great advice on diet, relaxing exercises, and other stress management techniques, such as proper posture, breathing, and even meditation.

Stress reduction does not have to be stressful. Simple, non-invasive treatment is available from your chiropractor that will have you feeling better and taking greater joy in life. Take the first step to being happier and healthier through natural chiropractic treatment.